3WL1 IEC Circuit Breakers

With over one million breakers sold around the world since the product introduction, 3WL Circuit breakers provide time-tested and proven technology in the low-voltage product portfolio. With a design created around customer needs and convenience, the 3WL family offers virtually-unlimited configuration capabilities unique to its class, setting an industry precedent for modularity.



Covers a power range from 630A to 6300A. The breakers are suitable for applications up to 1150VAC and as non-automatic switches up to 1000VDC.


Three frame sizes that support either a 3 or 4 pole design with fixed-mounted and draw-out versions.


World's Smallest Air Circuit Breaker

in the upper performance range, 5000A to 6300A, as FS3 offering.

Full Communication Capability

via PROFIBUS or MODBUS; integrated communication concept with 3VL.

3WL1 Communication Video


International standards and approvals

IEC 60947-2

DIN VDE 0690 Part 1

Climatic withstand capability in acc. with DIN IEC 68 Part 30-2

CCC, Gost

Shipbuilding, e.g. GL, ABS, LRS, PRS For international applications

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