Where are Your Breakers Coming From?

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Know the Facts - Insight to the Gray Market

In recent years, there have been a growing number of third party "Gray Market" breaker vendors, sometimes termed "Breaker Brokers", active in the market here in the United States and reaching into Canada. Siemens would like to raise awareness of what it means to be a "Gray Market" vendor as well as the dangers and risks involved in utilizing them as a resource for modifying equipment within your facility.

By making the choice to purchase a Siemens circuit breaker from an authorized Siemens channel you are choosing a safe, authentic, and fully warranted product backed by Siemens.

What is Siemens doing to combat the Gray Market?
SIflex is the ultimate solution to your needs for breaker additions on current Siemens projects. Ensuring you get a new, fully warranted Siemens breaker at the right value!
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Otherwise for more information about SIflex and other Siemens programs or to report an issue pertaining to the Gray Market, click here.


All Siemens circuit breakers come with a standard warranty which covers 12 months from energization or 18 months
from shipment, whichever comes first. This is standard in our industry. Many third-party, non-authorized distributors of our
products will make the claim they will issue a longer warranty than our Siemens standard warranty. In many cases these
companies are small, locally owned companies that are here today, gone tomorrow: You have no assurance they will be
around to support your warranty claim when the time comes.

Assuring your product is new

There is truly only one way to ensure your product is new. Making the decision to purchase from an authorized Siemens
distributor can eliminate your concerns with purchasing a potentially used product. Many non-authorized third-party
companies will sell products labeled as "New", "Used", or "Reconditioned/ Refurbished." In the case of a circuit breaker
presented as "New", many times these may be new products in an original Siemens box. In other cases, these are used
breakers being packaged in a new counterfeit Siemens box. The other concern previously raised included the terms
refurbished and reconditioned. This is absolutely cause for concern, because there is no UL-recognized process that
allows a UL 489 certified breaker to be refurbished and/or reconditioned.

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