Legacy Systems

While other suppliers of power delivery systems provide only one choice to satisfy a diverse range of requirements, Siemens offers you a selection of several different types of legacy busway, giving you the flexibility to choose the right solution for your unique application. This is particularly beneficial for building expansions and retrofits that involve an installed base of Siemens Busway Systems. For added convenience, our busway products and accessories are readily available, easy to order and to install.

Current Offerings

As of March 2014, the offering of Legacy Bus Plugs rated greater than 200 Amps have been limited. Due to the age of the design on the items, Siemens is experiencing extended delays in procuring critical components.

Transition sections from BD to Sentron Busway are available.

Features and Benefits

  • Available in amperage ratings of 225A to 1600A

  • Robust, steel enclosure

  • Air-insulated bus bars

  • Copper and aluminum conductors


BD Busway has a long history in industrial, automotive and commercial applications. BD features a rugged, air-insulated steel enclosure design with an over 80-year track record that includes thousands of installations still in operation today.

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