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Siemens offers two programs to ensure your busway installation fits your application. Siemens Power II Fit Program eliminates uncertainty in Busway measurements and compensates for dimensional deviations by quick-shipping custom lengths of busway. With the Power II Measure Service, Siemens will send a trained and experienced busway engineer to route and measure the busway in your project.

Program Overview

Siemens Power II Fit Program compensates for dimensional deviations that may result in busway layouts. With the Power II Fit Program, specific dimensions on straight sections and/or elbows may be left out of factory released drawings. After the busway run has been installed (minus Power II Fit pieces), final measurements are taken and sent to the factory. The Power II Fit Program may be used with Sentron busway only.

Why use the Power II Fit Program?

The PII F Program can save you both time and money by eliminating uncertainty in busway measurements. When you take advantage of the PII F Program, your busway runs fit exactly the first time, eliminating incorrect pieces and costly reordering time.

When should the Power II Fit Program be used?

The PII F Program will benefit you when you are uncertain of exact dimensions on long busway runs and when difficult contour situations require special attention.

Program Details

Product Line



Included with original order entry.

Piece Type

1-3 Total Pieces (1)

1-5 Total Pieces (1)

6-10 Total Pieces (1)

11 or More Total Pieces (1)

Straight Section

5 days (3)

5-10 Working Days

10-15 Working Days

Consult Factory for Lead Times

Standard 90 Degree Elbows (2)


5-15 Working Days

10-20 Working Days

Consult Factory for Lead Times

Non-Standard Elbows and Other Fittings (3)


Consult Factory

Consult Factory

Consult Factory for Lead Times

(1)Lead times are in business days from receipt of complete PIIF Order Form. The number of pieces is calculated based on how many pieces are released in a given week on any project. All orders ship via standard carrier originating from Spartanburg, SC. Ex: 4 straight sections and 2 elbows would be considered 6 total pieces and they would be shipped in 10-20 working days. All field fit pieces must be shown on approval drawings issued by factory. If pieces are not shown on factory approval drawings as field measured they are not eligible for the field fit program.

(2)Standard 90 Elbows are defined in the Sentron Busway System Selection and Application Guide. Offsets and Combinations will be considered Non-Sandard Elbows and Other Fittings.

(3)Pending material availability. All sections must be shorter than 5ft. from centerline to centerline if air freight is required. Lengths of pieces should be accounted for during the approval drawing stage.

Field Measurement Guide

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