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Panel Builder Components

Type GM-SG Medium-Voltage, Metal-Clad Switchgear (5 kV - 15 kV)

Features and Benefits

Type GMSG Circuit Breaker


Components, Type GM-SG Medium-Voltage Metal-Clad Switchgear (5 kV - 15 kV)

Siemens is pleased to announce our new and expanded offering of components for panel builders building ANSI switchgear.

Siemens 5 kV - 15 kV type GM-SG switchgear product offering features the class-leading Siemens type 3AH3 circuit breaker operating mechanism, now with up to 63 kA interrupting capability (available as integrator switchgear only). This is the same circuit breaker operator used in our type GM38 switchgear product, building on a heritage of more than 30 years of operators in the 3A family.

Type GM-SGY Skeleton

Pre-Configured Type GM-SGY Skeletons for Fast Delivery

Fast-delivery type GM-SGY skeletons are offered up to 50 kA in the following configurations [1], [2]:

  • A-blank over B-blank

  • A-blank over B-1,200 A

  • A-blank over B-2,000 A

  • A-blank (ventilation) over B-3,000 A

  • A-blank (ventilation) over B-4,000 A

  • A-1,200 A over B-1,200 A

  • A-1,200 A over B-2,000 A

  • A-2,000 A over B-1,200 A

  • A-2,000 A over B-2,000 A

  • A-3,000 A, E-ventilation and F-VT

  • C-VT, D-blank and B-1,200 A

  • C-VT, D-blank and B-2,000 A

  • C-blank, D-VT and B-1,200 A

  • C-VT, D-VT and B-1,200 A

  • C-blank, D-VT and B-2,000 A

  • C-VT, D-VT and B-2,000 A

  • C-blank, D-blank and B-1,200 A

  • C-blank, D-blank and B-2,000 A

  • C-VT, D-blank and B-blank

  • C-blank, D-VT and B-blank

  • C-VT, D-VT and B-blank

  • C-blank, D-CPT and B-1,200 A

  • C-blank, D-CPT and B-2,000 A

  • C-VT, D-CPT and B-1,200 A

  • C-VT, D-CPT and B-2,000 A

  • C-blank, D-CPT and B-blank

  • C-VT, D-CPT and B-blank

  • C-VT, D-VT, E-VT and F-VT.


[1] Voltage transformer has been abbreviated as VT.

[2] Control power transformer has been abbreviated as CPT.

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