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Medium-Voltage Metal-Clad Non-Arc-Resistant Switchgear

Type GM-SG (5 kV - 15 kV)

SIERS Features

Siemens Integrated Electric-Racking System (SIERS)

Features and Benefits

Siemens Integrated Electric-Racking System (SIERS) is an option that is available with Siemens type GM-SG non-arc-resistant, medium-voltage switchgear. It provides additional personnel protection against arc-flash exposure for operators by providing a means of remotely racking the type GMSG drawout circuit breaker. SIERS reduces the need for personal protective equipment (P.P.E.) per the NFPA-70E(R) standard.

Standard Features

  • Maintain all of the safety interlocks as required by IEEE standard C37.20.2

  • Logic control module for control and circuit protection

  • Interference detection

  • Control pendant (hand-held controller)

  • High-torque, fixed-mounted dc motor

  • Available for 125 V dc external power supply

  • Factory installed and tested as a complete racking system.

Optional Features

  • Powered from 120 V ac sources in switchgear

  • Provision for external power source

  • Integrated into the switchgear secondary control circuits or with the protection relay to provide interface with local HMI or SCADA systems

  • Field retrofit for existing Siemens type GM-SG non-arc-resistant, medium-voltage switchgear.

Siemens Integrated Electric-Racking System (SIERS)
Circuit breaker racking mechanism with fixed-mounted motor

Optional Configurations

Type SIERS device is available in three configurations:

  • Basic version

  • Local HMI version (Smart-Gear(R) power distribution solution)

  • Custom version (i.e., SCADA or other system).

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