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Medium-Voltage Metal-Clad Non-Arc-Resistant Switchgear

Type GM-SG (5 kV - 15 kV)


Standard accessories include:

  • Manual racking crank

  • Spring charging crank

  • Drawout extension rails (facilitate handling of circuit breakers in upper cell)

  • Lifting sling (for circuit breakers above floor level)

  • Split plug jumper (standard unless test cabinet is furnished)

  • Contact lubricant

  • Touch-up paint.

Optional accessories include:

  • Circuit breaker lift device

  • Test cabinet (in place of split plug jumper)

  • Test plugs (if required by devices)

  • Electrical racking motor assembly (to enable racking while operator is at a distance from the switchgear)

  • Manual or electrical ground and test device.

Test provisions, either a split plug jumper or a test cabinet, are available for testing the circuit breaker outside its cubicle.

The split plug jumper is used to bridge the secondary disconnects with a flexible cable, so the circuit breaker may be electrically closed and tripped with the control switch on the instrument panel while the circuit breaker is outside of its compartment. The test cabinet, including a control switch, is used for closing and tripping the circuit breaker at a location remote from the switchgear.

Type GM-SG Switchgear Accessory Cabinet

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