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Medium-Voltage Metal-Clad Arc-Resistant Switchgear

Type GM-SG-AR (5 kV - 15 kV)


Type GM-SG-AR Medium-Voltage Metal-Clad Arc-Resistant Switchgear (5 kV-15 kV)
Integrated Pressure Relief Channel for SIMOVAC-AR Arc-Resistant MVC and GM-SG-AR Arc-Resistant MVS Shown Installed in a Power Equipment Center
Transition Section SIMOVAC-AR Arc-Resistant MVC to GM-SG-AR Arc-Resistant MVS Shown Installed in a Power Equipment Center

Read how Siemens' new arc-resistant switchgear technology design resulted in smaller project footprint and lower overall cost for a National Grid substation project here.

Read about how Siemens to provide all major electrical equipment for fuel efficient power plant in Michigan, including GM-SG-AR 63 kA switchgear here.

Watch the brief overview of how the City of Holland collaborated with Siemens on Holland Energy Park here.

Features include:

  • Arc-resistant to IEEE C37.20.7, up to 63 kA, 0.5 sec, accessibility type 2B

  • Application flexible exhaust system

  • Top-mounted pressure relief channel factory-installed for reduced installation time

  • One-high or two-high construction

  • Up to 100 full-fault interruptions

  • Universal spare circuit breaker

  • Interlocks permit insertion of higher rating vacuum circuit breaker into lower-rated cell but not vice-versa

  • Front accessible circuit breaker operating mechanism for ease of maintenance

  • Closed door racking

  • Floor rollout circuit breaker in lower cell without a dolly

  • Visible secondary disconnect

  • Circuit breaker ships inside of cell, thus reducing installation cost and transit damage

  • Instrumentation and controls located in a separate compartment isolated from all primary circuit elements

  • Pair with Siemens protective relays to match any typical application

  • Siemens Integrated Electric-Racking System (SIERS) is optionally available.

  • Horizontal drawout type GMSG vacuum circuit breaker with type 3AH3 operating mechanism

  • Uses the latest developments in vacuum interrupter technology

  • Highly reliable vacuum interrupters - MTTF over 53,000 years

  • Common type 3AH3 operator platform for all ratings

  • Over 120,000 3AH3 operators produced since 1998

  • 10,000 operations to overhaul

  • Three-cycle interrupting time (optional)

  • Meets or exceeds the latest ANSI, IEEE and NEMA standards

  • UL or C-UL Listing available

  • Available as indoor (GM-SG) and Shelter-Clad (SGM-SG-AR).

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