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Smart-Gear® Power Distribution Solution (PDS)

Features and Benefits


Siemens, a world leader in innovative technologies, has taken another step forward by creating the total solution in medium-voltage switchgear.

In response to our customers' need for standard switchgear that is programmable and self-monitoring, Siemens has combined its advanced switchgear, protective relay products and its engineering experience to deliver a total package to customers: Smart-Gear® Power Distribution Solution (PDS).

Smart-Gear® PDS combines Siemens switchgear type GM-SG non-arc-resistant 5 kV-15 kV, type GM-SG-AR arc-resistant 5 kV-15 kV or type GM38 non-arc-resistant 38 kV and Siemens SIPROTEC® protective relay technologies to offer one of the most advanced standardized switchgear solutions in the industry.

With its standard self-monitoring features and programmable capabilities, Smart-Gear® PDS redefines how switchgear is specified, engineered, operated, installed and maintained.

Type GM-SG Non-Arc-Resistant Medium-Voltage Metal-Clad Smart-Gear PDS Switchgear


Smart-Gear® PDS is equipped with standard self-monitoring features, designed specifically to enhance the performance and reliability of the switchgear. With Smart-Gear® PDS, the user is notified in advance of potential problems such as those in trip circuit and space heater circuits. Also, based on the usage of the equipment, the user will be notified when periodic recommended preventative maintenance is needed.

Using IEC 61850 communication protocol, all control, monitoring and protection functions are accomplished through a redundant fiber-optic connection between protective relays and bay controllers. This communications capability reduces the need for much of the control wiring necessary to implement and change complex schemes, resulting in reduced field testing and commissioning time.

With Smart-Gear® PDS, users are provided the following features and benefits:

  • Reduced control wiring for increased reliability - digital and fiber-optic circuits instead of hard-wired circuits

  • Self-monitoring - feature-rich increased operational reliability

  • Programmable - easy to implement complex schemes with flexibility for future changes

  • IEC 61850 communication protocol providing integrated control, monitoring and protection

  • Usage-based preventative maintenance

  • Faster commissioning and start-up.

Type GM-SG-AR Arc-Resistant Medium-Voltage Metal-Clad Smart-Gear PDS Switchgear

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