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Medium-Voltage Vacuum Generator Circuit Breaker - Front View

Siemens offers a full line of IEEE C37.013 qualified medium-voltage vacuum generator circuit breakers for voltages up to 24 kV and generators up to 200 MW for both indoor and outdoor applications.
Circuit breakers applied to generator switching applications are subject to conditions quite different than those of a normal distribution circuit breaker used in industrial, commerical and utility systems. Distribution circuit breakers, whether of the outdoor substation type or of the drawout type for use in metal-clad switchgear, conform to IEEE C37.04 (basis of ratings), IEEE C37.06 (preferred ratings), IEEE C37.09 (testing) and IEEE C37.10 (application.
Circuit breakers applied on generators 10 MVA and above fall under IEEE C37.013a-2007, which recognizes the application differences between normal distribution circuit breaker switching and generator circuit breaker switching.

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