Medium-Voltage Solid-State Reduced Voltage Controllers (SSRVC), Type Series 81000™

Up to 15 kV 300 A

Features and Benefits


Solid-state reduced-controllers consist of a main contactor, SCR chassis and a line-start rated bypass contactor. The SSRV starter provides the most flexible starting options, offering selectable current or voltage ramps. For emergency full-voltage starting, the bypass contactor can be used as an across-the-line starter by changing a control switch position. As an option, the starter can be equipped with a permanent emergency across-the-line starting option including an additional set of current transformers, normal/emergency selectro switch and a bi-metal overload relay. Repositioning power cables for this option is not required.

Medium-Voltage Solid-State Reduced-Voltage Controller


The benefits of solid-state reduced-voltage starting:

  • Reduce torque shock damage

  • Increase motor and drive train reliability

  • Limit starting kVA

  • Maintain future system flexibility

  • Soft start and soft stop pumps to control water hammer

  • Reduce hydraulic/mechanical problems.

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