Load-Break Switches, Type Series 81000

Up to 7.2 kV

Features and Benefits


Load-break switches rated 400 A, 600 A or 1,200 A can be incorporated into the Series 81000 as main disconnect or feeder devices. The switches are manually operated, quick make, quick break disconnect switches. The switch door includes a viewing window for visual inspection of the switch blade status. The door and switch operating handle are mechanically interlocked to ensure the door cannot be opened with the switch closed and the switch cannot be closed with the door open. In addition, the switch is covered with a plexiglass barrier. The switches are fixed mounted and can be equipped with fixed-mounted fuses. Unfused switches or fused switches with fuses up to 900E will fit in a full height 36" (914.4 mm) wide section. 1,100E and 1,350E fuses require an additional 36” (914.4 mm) wide section. Optionally, the 400 A feeder switches will fit in a 30" (762 mm) high controller compartment. Optional accessories for the load-break switches include auxiliary contacts (2 NO and 2 NC), shunt trip, blown fuse indicator or motor operator.

Load-Break Switch

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