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Enhanced Fusesaver™ ultra-fast circuit breaker, now with open-close-open functionality, includes advanced protection and communication capabilities. Read about this next generation of Fusesaver in the press release issued Tuesday, February 9, 2016. Read about how the Fusesaver now has 6.3 kA fault interrupting rating and Open-Close-Open functionality (O-CO) in the press release issued February 27, 2017.

Fusesaver is a new class of intelligent, compact and low cost single-phase circuit breakers that minimizes lost customer minutes by protecting lateral line fuses from blowing on transient faults. About 80 percent of a rural network’s faults are transient, with the result that 80 percent of its fuses are blown unnecessarily, causing downstream customers to lose power and requiring a line crew to inspect the line and replace the fuse link.

Fusesaver is extremely light at only 12 lbs (5.5 kg) and hangs directly from the medium-voltage line. It is connected in series with the fuse that it is protecting, and self powers from line current.

With on-board microprocessor control and wireless connectivity, Fusesaver has configurable protection, multiphase operation functions, on-board event history and can be integrated into a SCADA system for remote control.

Fusesaver can detect, open and clear a fault in as little as one-half cycle, which is less time than it takes the fuse to melt for moderate faults. After a predefined dead time, the Fusesaver automatically closes, reconnecting the supply. If the fault is transient, the fuse is unaffected. If the fault is permanent, Fusesaver then allows the fuse to operate, isolating the faulted line.


Technology Benefits

Fusesaver technology benefits

  • Half-cycle switching - fastest vacuum circuit breaker on the market

  • Smart grid-ready with communications module

  • Highly integrated and innovative technology

  • Protection, monitoring, metering, and control in a single unit

  • Self-powered.

Handling Benefits

Fusesaver handling benefits

  • Lightweight - 12.1 lbs (5.5 kg)

  • Fast and easy installation - plug and play

  • No change in protection scheme needed

  • Simple line installation. Watch Transmission & Distribution World T&D HOW's video sponsored by Burns & McDonnell about how Eversource Energy installed a Fusesaver on a line in Connecticut here.

  • Safety benefits for live-line crew thanks to half-cycle switching.

Cost Benefits

Fusesaver cost benefits

  • Return on investment typically in less than two years

  • Improved network reliability means fewer penalty payments for both SAIFI and SAIDI

  • Reduced operating costs thanks to reduced maintenance callouts.

Communications Module

The Siemens Fusesaver was developed as part of an integrated system of tools and accessories in order to minimize installation and operating costs. All system components work together, which permits easy installation, fast commissioning, and reliable operation in all conditions.

The communications module allows the crew to interface with Siemens Fusesaver from ground level using a laptop or handheld device. The communications module can be installed from the ground using a live-line tool (hot stick) equipped with a special communications-module attachment tool.

Communications module functions:

  • Manual operation using the Siemens Connect PC application or the exposed trip-and-close levers under the module

  • If a number of Fusesavers have been configured as a group on a polyphase line, tripping and closing will be executed synchronously on all grouped modules

  • Displays the Fusesaver’s status data as well as phase currents and time/magnitude of the most recent fault via Siemens Connect PC

  • Downloads the event log from the Fusesaver memory to the PC

  • Uses energy from the module’s battery pack if the line is dead (to maintain time and date)

  • Integration into the smart grid via the utility’s SCADA system.

The communications module allows the crew to:

  • Program the utility’s policy settings

  • Select unique names that identify individual locations and power lines

  • Set or change the fuse type and rating

  • Set positions (latitude and longitude).

Fusesaver Communications Module

How-to-use Siemens Connect software video. Click on the image to watch.

PC Communications Kit

Communication with the Fusesaver is performed using the Siemens Connect software, a USB radio antenna, and a shortrange (approximately 15-meter) radio integrated in the communications module.

Siemens Connect Software For Use On PC

Line Clamping Assembly

The line clamp is used to mechanically mount the Fusesaver to the overhead line.

Fusesaver With Line-Clamping Assembly

Crossarm and Pole-Mounting Assembly

Where mounting directly on the line is impractical, a crossarm and pole-mounting assembly can be employed. It consists of a station-post insulator with custom end fittings that connect to the Siemens Fusesaver and the crossarm.

Bird Guard

Available for the free end of the Siemens Fusesaver and the connection to the pole or crossarm mounting assembly.

Fusesaver Bird Guard

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