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Case Study: Siemens Modular Metering System, Power Mod

Choosing Siemens Modular Metering System, Power Mod produces substantial labor and cost savings by reducing installation time

Siemens commissioned a study with a third party (RSMeans) to evaluate labor and productivity costs and efficiencies associated with installing Siemens Power ModTM product compared with two competitors and a legacy Siemens product.


  • Siemens Power Mod requires less installation time than the Legacy Siemens and two competitors’ products, 43 percent less than Competitor #1, and 32 percent less than Competitor #2 and the Siemens Legacy products.

Additional significant advantages of the Power Mod system are due to special features that ensure consistency and accuracy while saving installation time.
They include the following:

  • One mounting rail is utilized for the installation of the entire lineup of modular units. This takes less time than
    mounting rails for each module individually, as required when installing the other products in this study.

  • QuickRollTM, factory-installed rear mounting brackets with wheels, allows the unit to be rolled into the exact position
    simply by the application of hand pressure.

  • QuickConnectTM links modular units at a single point for phase, neutral, and ground connections.

  • The QuickTorqueTM breakaway nut signals the correct torque, thus eliminating time-consuming torque readings.

  • An exclusive side wire design has a sufficient wiring space to reduce wire bend.

For more detailed information, please review the study, here.

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