Maximum power supply reliability and cost efficiency with Totally Integrated Power

Successful mining operations require a stable power supply. Siemens’ comprehensive power distribution portfolio offers solutions specifically tailored to the extreme conditions found in mining facilities. Our solutions optimize production processes to ensure they run smoothly – with minimized downtime due to power outages or power fluctuations. Totally Integrated Power delivers safety and cost efficiency to mining operations worldwide.

Reference - Cerro Matoso, Colombia

Cerro Matoso (mine of BHP Billiton), world’s second-largest producer of ferronickel in northern Colombia

Siemens supported Cerro Matoso with a whole power supply solution, that took only six months to deliver on-site. One month later the operations could start again. Siemens compact solution fits perfectly to the minimized requirements in the mining industries and was very easy to transport to the required place.

New power supply for a mine

  • Withstands harsh and extreme environmental conditions

  • Provides safe, reliable and consistent technology

Scope of Supply

  • 11 cubicles SIMOPRIME 7.2 kV–31.5 kA

  • 5 cubicles GIS 8DA10

  • Service transformers 75 kVA 4,16/220 V

  • Low-voltage distribution panels

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