Power Distribution – tailored to every need

The requirements for safe, reliable, and efficient distribution and use of energy are constantly increasing. Every industry has different needs and circumstances. Whether it’s the automotive or chemical industry, buildings, data centers, infrastructure, the heavy metal industry, or oil and gas – energy distribution must be perfectly tailored to the specific application area. TIP, with its integrated portfolio from a single source, can be easily linked to the automation in every industry. Furthermore, the portfolio is being continuously further developed, based on the needs of our customers.

Data Centers

Flexible energy distribution with Totally Integrated Power

Data centers face tremendous challenges to minimize downtime and maximize energy efficiency. To protect critical data, data centers always have to ensure the stability and availability of power. Totally Integrated Power from Siemens provides an efficient, uninterrupted power supply to data centers of all sizes.

Residential - Innovation, safety and reliability for energy efficient buildings

Siemens residential electrical products provide you with secure and reliable electrical power. Our
innovative and feature-rich products provide the installer labor savings through ease of installation while being best in class for reliability.

Oil & Gas

Reliable power supply with Totally Integrated Power

Fossil fuels are growing scarcer. Onshore and offshore oil and gas facilities require efficient power distribution in order to meet their bottom line. Our portfolio for the oil and gas industry comprises everything from circuit breakers to gas- and air-insulated medium-voltage switchgear. All components are built to withstand harsh environmental conditions for reliable, cost-effective use in oil and gas installations.

Federal - Totally Integrated Power for facilities of all dimensions

The government requires facilities of all dimensions - from specialized clean rooms to huge office complexes, from ultra secure data centers to operations within aging spaces. Our portfolio spans a facility’s entire technology infrastructure. We provide a complete range of products and systems
to optimize facility performance, productivity, cost efficiency, and emergency readiness at every turn.


Providing utmost availability and safety of power

Successful mining operations rely on a stable power supply. Siemens’ broad power distribution portfolio offers specific solutions precisely tailored to the extreme conditions that prevail in the mining industry. Our solutions help our customers’ production processes run smoothly – with minimized downtime from power outages or fluctuations. Totally Integrated Power delivers confidence and cost efficiency to mining operations around the globe.

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