Federal: Totally Integrated Power for facilities of all dimensions

A leader in the Federal segment focused around electrical infrastructure, DOD base installations and data center facilities with critical power systems, Siemens strives to minimize your risk by supplying safer, more reliable and sustainable electrical distribution equipment and servicing support. Siemens has dedicated teams that manage project milestones to support comprehensive products and solutions that are backed by on-call service and support. Siemens provides industry leading electrical energy solutions to achieve savings around total cost for the owner’s operation or mission. From our diverse portfolio including the innovative DAS arc flash mitigating systems in WL low voltage switchgear to our branch circuit monitoring with SEM3 metering, we can accomplish these goals.

Siemens offers a wide range of innovative and intelligent power distribution and controls products from switchgear and busway systems to circuit protection devices, drives and motor controls. Continual product improvements have resulted in breakthroughs like our highly engineered WL Low Voltage Switchgear with systems solutions that offer monitoring and control through communications to support energy management through advanced metering and analysis. A product first, our Dynamic Arc-Flash Sentry technology, when used with an appropriate safety-rated sensing device, detects a worker’s movement within a certain distance of energized equipment and automatically lowers the trip time of the breaker, reducing the potential arc flash energy and improving safety.

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