Data Centers: Flexible energy distribution

Data centers face tremendous challenges to minimize downtime and maximize energy efficiency. To protect critical data, data centers always have to ensure the stability and availability of power. Totally Integrated Power from Siemens provides an efficient, uninterrupted power supply to data centers of all sizes. Our extensive power distribution portfolio delivers maximum reliability and availability in every situation.

How Siemens helped Digital Realty become a major industry player for rapid data center deployment

San Francisco-based data center provider Digital Realty became a major industry player thanks to products, solutions and services from Siemens: As part of this successful collaboration, Digital Realty cut its typical deployment time for building turnkey data centers from 179 to just 80 days – faster than any other competitor. “Uptime Anytime” takes a closer look at this success story, introduces the stakeholders involved, and details the impressive results constantly emerging from this partnership.

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