Integrated Solutions

We have a complete integrated solution to help you meet your power distribution needs. Siemens offers control functionalities including heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, access control, video monitoring, fire alarm, evacuation and fire-extinguishing systems, as well as for any other convenience function–even windows and shutters. Totally Integrated Power is based on the integration of planning and configuration, well-matched products and systems, as well as communication and software modules for interfacing the power distribution systems for industrial automation and building automation.

User Advantage

In today’s demanding and fast changing marketplace, the only thing constant is the need to identify new ways to improve operational efficiencies, especially when dealing with electrical power. Totally Integrated Power, a new innovative systems approach from Siemens for commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings, provides the answer.

A complete package, Siemens Totally Integrated Power takes project design, planning, electrical power management, building management, and service to a new level. For industrial, institutional, and commercial buildings owners there are distinct savings opportunities. After all, integrated power from substations to switchgear to power monitoring to light control, and building automation is a proven strategy that has many benefits for building owners, consulting engineers, and contractors.

To sum up: Totally Integrated Power offers advantages to everyone involved in the project: for the owner, the specifying engineer, the electrical contractor, and the facility manager.

Owner – Lower Operational Cost

Streamlined project management, optimized asset management, increased reliability and power quality, and open architecture technology.

Consultant Engineer – Reduced Planning Time

Electrical power distribution design assistance, enhanced communication and product integration, complete one stop shopping for power distribution, power management, mechanical and building automation design, reduced planning time and cost.

Contractor - Lower Installed Cost

Single point of contact, improved communication, and coordination of delivery schedules. Siemens quality reduces callbacks.

Facility Manager – Reduced Planning Time

Increased power quality, controlled operational cost, highly trained and mobile service organization.

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