Our Commitment to Safety

All of our tasks and activities are performed to the highest environmental, health and safety (EHS) standards. Safeguarding employees and the environment at all times is an integral part of the Siemens Zero Harm culture.

Our mission statement is guided by 3 important principles:

  1. Zero incidents – it is achievable

  2. Health and safety – no compromises

  3. We take care of each other

Siemens drives a company-wide safety culture with training on human performance techniques to educate all employees. Our commitment to safety is both an individual and shared responsibility.

Siemens has adopted a target of Zero Harm and trains all employees on Human Performance. Human Performance Kits are sent to every job and includes PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) necessary to maintain a Zero Harm outage.

Siemens is striving towards an accident-free culture with the use of:

  • Daily Safety Meetings

  • Safety Bulletins

  • Self-Checking

  • Pre-Job Briefing

  • Three-Way Communication

  • Take Five Cards

  • Peer Checking

  • Human Performance Kits

All of our technicians and Field Service Engineers have been, and continue their individual training by equipment manufacturers, our supervisory employees, and receive on-the job training and continual sharing of best practices.

New employees:

  • complete an 8 hour Siemens EH&S orientation including Siemens EH&S policies, safe work practices, working at heights, confined space, operation of powered industrial equipment, and more.

  • required 30-Hour OSHA General Construction within 60 days of new hire date

  • required to complete NFPA 70E, Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace covering HV, MV & LV arc flash and arc blast safety training

  • complete CPR/First Aid/AED within first 12 months of new hire date

Existing employees:

  • maintain 30-Hour OSHA standards and receive 10-Hour OSHA every 3 years as a refresher

  • receive unscheduled EH&S audits and inspections by management

  • receive first aid/CPR/AED training recertification every 2 years

  • complete re-certification of working at heights, confined space, operation of powered industrial equipment, per certification requirements.

Siemens Safety Training and Certification

  • Accident/Incident reporting

  • Asbestos awareness

  • Aerial lift, safety, scissor, man lift

  • Battery & charger safety

  • Crisis management

  • CDL certificiation

  • Compressed gas cylinder safety

  • Confined space entry

  • Crane operation and rigging

  • Driver safety

  • Emergency response and evacuation and preparedness

  • Ergonomics

  • Fall protection

  • Fire safety

  • First aid

  • CPR / AED

  • Blood borne pathogens

  • Forklift and pedestrian safety

  • Hand and power tool safety

  • SF6 Gas handling

  • Hazardous materials transport, waste and storage

  • Machine guarding

  • Electrical safety

  • Lockout /tag out

  • NFPA70-E Arc flash /Arc blast certification

  • Spill prevention, control and cleanup

  • OSHA 30-Hr

  • Eye and face protection

  • Respiratory protection

  • Head/hand/foot/hearing protection

Our Zero Harm Culture@ Siemens  aims to permanently transform the way employees think and behave with regard to safety and has the full support and sponsorship of the Siemens Managing Board.

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