Disposal of Siemens Equipment

Siemens equipment is environmentally friendly product, predominantly consisting of recyclable materials.  For disposal, some disassembly, separation, and professional-services handling may be required.

Materials to be handled include but are not limited to:

  • Metals: Should be transferred and recycled as mixed scrap metals.

  • Plastics: Plastic containing a recycle symbol should be recycled.  Plastic lacking the recycle symbol should be discarded as industrial waste.

  • Small electronics, insulated cables, and motors:  Should be recycled via electronics scrap disposal companies specialized in separating and sorting as described above.

  • Batteries:  Should be recycled via a recycling company.

  • Insulating Gas: SF6 must be evacuated professionally as a reusable material and recycled (SF6 must not be released into the environment – for use and handling instructions for SF6, refer to IEC 62271-4, Part 4).  When evaluating other types of insulating gases, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions or contact your local Siemens service representative for guidance.

Disposal regulations vary from locality to locality and may be modified over time. Specific regulations and guidelines should be verified at the time of waste processing to ensure that current requirements are being fulfilled. For specific assistance in understanding and applying regional regulations and policies, or manufacturer’s recommendations, refer to the local Siemens service representative for additional information.

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