Spare Parts Services

Getting the right spare parts is critical for our customers' operations.

Spare Parts Services

Optimal spare part supply for railway operations. We make sure that your specialists have all the parts they need, quickly, easily, and reliably, any time they’re needed. Whether you want new, repaired, or refurbished parts, our promise is Easy Spares®. Thanks to Siemens’ leading position in the field of additive manufacturing, you can get even the most unique or rarely-needed parts, even in small runs – often with design improvements. With our obsolescence solutions, you can depend on getting the right parts for the entire lifecycle of your systems. Easy Spares – for a lifetime.

We offer 48 hour part-exchange program for propulsion system and auxiliary power system; and full supply chain management ensures that you will have the materials you need to keep your operations running.

Day-to-Day Spares – reliable spare part solutions for your entire inventory Capital Spares – we ensure that spare parts are available quickly and easily Part Exchange (UTEX) – unit exchange and rebuilt components that enhance longevity
Repairs – fast, high-quality repair for your spare parts.

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