Maintenance Services

Tailor-made service concepts for urban, regional, long-distance/high-speed networks.

Maintenance Services

• We work with you to develop tailor-made service concepts for your urban, regional, long-distance or high-speed networks.
• Whether catenaries, signaling, interlocking or level crossings, locomotives, light rail transit or trainsets: our broad portfolio of modular solutions gives you the flexibility in effective and cost-efficient manner, to optimize your rail system in line with your requirements.
• Proven on site services include: Full Maintenance & Technical Support operations with your existing workforce.

Proven solutions for maximum availability and efficiency.

• Maintenance solutions are custom fit to your business needs, and can range from technical consulting to running the full maintenance operations.
• The bogie service center based in Sacramento, Calif. will maintain your bogie, the heart of your vehicle, including all your major service intervals. Siemens offers everything from wheel and axle pressing to complete bogie overhauls.

Technical Support & Spares, Supply Agreement

Technical Services – Onsite experts partnering directly with your staff to manage and support fleet maintenance operations; Data Analytics: Predictive Maintenance.
Spares Supply – Supply chain management, the parts you need: when and where you need them
Support – Engineering and diagnostic support to help optimize your operations; access to the original train design engineers.

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