Rail Automation

Today more than ever, speed, reliability and convenience are the decisive factors in the attractiveness of modern railroads for mass transit – and thus also for their commercial success. The key to meeting these criteria: Optimum line utilization through rail automation.

Mass Transit Solutions

Carborne Products

The rail automation systems from the world market leader and pioneer of railway signaling systems create the relevant conditions for enhanced safety, punctuality, speed, capacity and energy efficiency both along lines and at stations. Siemens opens up the way for trains within the network and specifies when, where and how fast trains should travel. A special focus lies on the optimization of entire operational sequences within rail transport. Rail Automation employees are developing and producing innovative solutions in the fields of train control, interlocking systems, operations control systems, components, track vacancy detection, level-crossing protection, and rail communications.

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Siemens range of on-board products and systems is proven in applications worldwide, with a portfolio of solutions that spans train control, on-board products and on-board communication systems. Our systems deliver safe, robust, reliable solutions for rail operators, providing significant operational and performance benefits.

Siemens, a specialist in the area of US Cab Signaling design is proud to offer the ACSES Product which provides both Civil Speed Enforcement and positive stop capability in one integrated package.

Benefits include:

- A complete PTC solution when overlaid on a traditional Cab Signal System (ATC)

- Single Operator Display Combines both Civil and Traffic Speed Enforcement Information

- Vital architecture



Design and Engineering

Siemens signaling systems are designed to provide speed, reliability and convenience to passenger rail transit systems. Product flexibility and advanced configurations allow us to provide solutions to meet customer needs and requirements in the mass transit market.

From engineering, installation and start up to testing and system training courses – our U.S.-based projects and engineering experts provide you with a single source for customized service solutions.                                                                                                                                                                  Our U.S.-based staff delivers complete turnkey signaling systems for mass transit and light-rail transit projects across the entire United States and elsewhere. All of our work complies with Federal, State and local regulations for safety and with industry standards and norms.
We work with Siemens signaling systems, as well as providing designs based on other manufacturer’s equipment and interface to legacy systems and can provide an independent circuit check of designs submitted by other firms.
Our experts specialize in providing solutions tailored to each customer’s individual requirements leveraging decades of experience in all facets of signaling.


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