Rail Electrification

Siemens is your partner for tailored, reliable electrification solutions for mass transit systems. With our comprehensive expertise, our personal commitment, and our many years of experience, we can implement solutions based on proven products that have set new standards in technology, cost efficiency and quality. The result are dependable traction power supply and contact line systems that offer attractive solutions in every detail.

Consulting and Planning

Service Spectrum

By working together as partners and continually striving to achieve a balance between requirements and solutions, the customer and the supplier create the all-important basis for achieving mutual success. Siemens lives and works to promote such win-win relationships. Every day. All over the world.

Traction Power Supply

AC Traction Power Supply

Traction power supply systems provide a guaranteed supply of electric power. Siemens offers the right solutions for all applications – with switchgears, transformers, converters, protection devices, and control and energy storage systems.

Power Control System SCADA

Power Control System SCADA

Siemens has more than 35 years of experience with control system solutions. Our SCADA systems are used by lots of public transportation companies in mass transit and mainline applications all over the world. Especially our modern solutions such as the integrated RailSCADA system Vicos RSC are known for their high availability and maximum efficiency.

System Design

System Design

System design and the calculation of railway electrification are among our core competencies. This is where we combine our comprehensive system expertise with the latest results of research and development work and with the capability to properly evaluate the calculations delivered by our IT tools.

Contact Lines for Railways

Contact Line for Main Line Railways

Contact line systems supply vehicles with electrical energy using current collectors. They are divided depending on operating speed and current system. With its Sicat designs, Siemens offers the right solution for all systems.

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