Veterans Day message from Marc Buncher

November 11 is Veterans Day.  This is a special holiday dedicated to honoring those who served in our military.  We’ve had the great fortune of working with some great veterans within our own organization:

  • Bryan Tannehill was an officer and pilot in the Marine Corps from 2007 to 2017.  His experience leading multiple teams in both the cockpit and on the ground were relevant in his current position overseeing internal maintenance and transportation, and nonstock consumables purchasing for Siemens Mobility at our manufacturing plant in Sacramento.

  • Katrena Jacob served in the Navy for 5 ½ years as a Dispersing Clerk Second Class and is now working for Siemens Mobility in Louisville, Kentucky as a Mobility Proposal Specialist who does pricing quotes for our railroad products and services.

  • Jon Broadway – who still remains active in the reserves – is a chemical weapons specialist and instructor who also served in Afghanistan. His expertise on safety and experience in educational instruction has positioned him well for his transition into a career in railroads, first as a railyard manager for CSX, and later as a product manager for the level crossings business at Siemens.

We hired vets like Bryan, Katrena and Jon – not because we feel the need to thank them and reward them for their service. We hire vets for the very simple reason that veterans make great employees

We’ve heard already about many of the benefits of working with veterans:  They know how to work in an organization and with others.  They have a proven ability to learn new skills and concepts.  They usually come with a highly-transferable set of skills, supported by the military’s advanced use of technology.  And they are also trained to keep safety and health standards top of mind.

But there are a lot of intangibles:  the ability to work with all different kinds of people – regardless of race, gender, geographic origin, ethnic background or economic status.  Their ability to work lean and under pressure; to accomplish tight deadlines under high stress. And they have an understanding and respect for procedures – something that safety-minded companies value highly.

Importantly, there is a level of integrity and accountability that is only attainable through real experience with adversity, something not readily accessible by all of us who have been fortunate enough to benefit from the freedoms and comforts that those in the military have fought so hard for us to have.

This year, the proud citizens who work in our company will be banding together to show their support and appreciation for veterans – doing everything from working in teams to put together care packages to help military families in need -- to supporting their local veterans’ organizations through fundraising.

I’m also pleased to share with you that this year, our company Siemens Mobility, Inc., has made a donation to Hire Heroes.   This is a very important organization – helping veterans make better connections between their actual military experience and skillsets with private sector jobs and positions that could benefit from them.   Hopefully, we’ll be able to better match skills with opportunities – especially in areas of our pipeline that continue to grow.

As we take this day to honor our Veterans – let’s also appreciate the experience that they can bring to our businesses – and our economy.

Marc Buncher

President and CEO, Siemens Mobility North America

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