Improvement Projects

Based on the results identified in the Consulting Phase, Improvement Projects targets customer suport in the implementation of the identified improvements in cost position, process reliability and/or system performance.

O&M Improvement Projects

Our O&M Improvement Projects are targeted at eliminating deficiencies identified during the O&M Business Review or the System Performance Review – they include redesign and optimization measures in areas such as:

  • O&M strategy, organization and processes

  • O&M systems

  • Spare parts management

  • Subcontractor management

System Optimization / Modernization

Our System Optimization / Modernization services focus on the technical optimization of postal automation and airport systems – and include, for example, modifications and upgrades to enhance system performance and reliability.

Transition Support

Transition support focuses on enabling the customer to realize a smooth and trouble-free operational transition between the shutdown of existing production facilities and the operation of a new site. The challenge is to perform the changeover without operational deficiencies in the transition phase. The Siemens transition support manager works on-site (in close cooperation with the customer) and is in charge of assisting the complete transition process – from Trial Operation to the Ramp-up phase and Final Production. Both parties will cooperate actively and will optimize the operation process.

Customer Benefits

  • Clearly quantified cost/profit analysis (TCO-based) for each improvement measure is a basis for your investment decision

  • Siemens' enhanced understanding of performance systems (and of their impact on your general business operations) ensures a smooth and iterative optimization process

  • Individually tailored innovation concepts throughout the entire life cycle of your machines and systems – offered by Siemens

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