Airport Logistics and Postal Service providers usually operate capital-intensive plant facilities which require high reliability and performance. To ensure the continuity of production processes, technical equipment must be kept in good working order – and the working organization must be adapted continuously to any changes in production. Also, the O&M processes involved represent a significant cost factor in themselves. Consulting provides in-depth analysis and concepts.

Processes and cost transparency are key requirements for evaluating the efficiency of O&M – as well as for identifying and quantifying improvement potential. Drawing from our significant base of expertise and experience, our specialists help you to develop and implement strategies and measures for your company.

O&M Business Review

In an analysis, we differentiate among seven categories which cover all relevant maintenance sub-processes. These categories are: O&M Management; Spare Parts Management; Organizational Structure; Contractors Management; Workshops and Repairs; O&M Planning and Scheduling; O&M Process Optimization and Repair Service; also Workshops.

The results of the O&M Business Review are documented in a summary report. This includes the general evaluation method, results and current evaluation, recommendations and suggested targets, as well as the evaluation of cost savings potential. Key information and recommendations for action are then presented to the senior management, giving it a reliable overview of the current performance and efficiency of the maintenance process.

System Performance Review

The performance of your machines and systems determines the performance of your operation. Availability and productivity are factors which determine the quality and efficiency of your equipment. The objective:  to take these factors into account and meet the ever-growing requirements.

Based on our technical expertise and sophisticated tool support, our specialists can handle the necessary tasks efficiently by identifying the requested performance parameters and enhancement potential through performance checks. The results of the System Performance Review are documented in a summary report including key information and recommendations for action.

Transition Support Consulting

Implementing large-scale automation projects confronts you with new challenges every day. The transition phase from the present system to the new system is often underestimated. We help you to minimize the associated risk with a structured transition concept.

Based on a detailed consideration of all existing and necessary future logistic processes, a transition concept (including detailed milestones) is designed to form the baseline for on-site transition support.

Key processes

Support processes

Production Logistics


Dock and Yard Logistics

Training / Qualification

Transport Logistics

Maintenance / Spare Parts Logistics

Emergency & Contingency Planning

Marketing / Communications

Controlling / Quality Management

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