Freight is selected and consolidated according to the given destination, time zone, flight number, and other criteria at the workstations – the build-up and breakdown area. Siemens has developed an extensive product portfolio for this zone, supported by a high level of automation. We pay meticulous attention to all safety aspects. Our plant design takes into account working levels and local safety regulations. Where general freight is handled, we make sure that the automation solution meets the user’s needs by creating a perfectly designed ergonomic interface between operator and machine.

SICARGO Workstation (10 ft / 20 ft)

Workstations facilitate the build-up and breakdown of air cargo ULDs. They can be designed with wide edge leading (WEL) or narrow edge leading (NEL) configuration, and as a fixed or sink-in version.

The fixed workstations consist of 200 mm roller decks fitted onto the floor. The sink-in versions consist of roller decks fitted on top of a scissor-lift table. A pit is needed for the placement of the scissor lift to allow for height adjustment below or above the nominal floor level. Ram protections on the work side of the roller decks or the scissor lift provide protection from forklifts colliding with the roller deck.

SICARGO Drive-Over Workstation (16 ft / 20 ft)

The drive-over workstation facilitates the build-up and breakdown of ULDs. They can be designed with wide edge leading (WEL) or narrow edge leading (NEL) configuration or with roller-ball mat as a sink-in version.

The drive-over workstations consist of a reinforced covered 200 mm motor-powered roller deck, or roller-ball mat fitted on top of a scissor-lift table installed in a pit. To allow forklift operators to drive over the workstation, it is additionally secured to the lifting table with safety bolts on the lifting table at floor level. For handling over the ULD, the WS can be raised up to the conveying level at 200 mm or 508 mm.

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