Truck Docks

The link between ground and air: truck docks keep ULD and pallet transport fast and flexible. Siemens offers various solutions for any situation.

SICARGO Truck Dock (16 ft / 20 ft)

Truck docks accept ULDs from trucks and convey them onward, or vice versa. The docking operation, performed at various heights above street-level, is controlled by an operator on a walkway on one side of the deck. A ram-protection prevents damage from truck collision with the deck.

The truck dock can be equipped with a weighting scale as well as with cabins, contour check or measurement, and winch – in addition to such other optional components as side shift, stoppers, and a printer terminal.

SICARGO Movable Truck Dock (16 ft / 20 ft)

Movable truck-docks accept ULDs from aligned trucks and convey them onward at various heights above street-level. This operation can also take place in reverse. Since several trucks can dock simultaneously, a higher throughput can be achieved. The docking procedure is controlled by an operator located on a walkway or in a cabin on one side of the deck. Permanently installed ram-protection keeps trucks in line and prevents damages from collisions with the roller-deck and truck-dock. Optionally weighting scale, contour check, and other options can also be installed.

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