Roller Decks

Robust and reliable conveyor systems linking up all operative processes form the backbone of any cargo handling system. Here, all sorts of freight handling requirements must be met. Our range of conveyor systems includes all the elements required for safe and secure handling via transport roller tracks.

SICARGO Motor-Driven Roller Deck

The powered roller deck is the basic component of a cargo terminal for ULD transfers. They can be used for narrow edge leading (NEL) or wide edge leading (WEL) ULD transfers. With added equipment, a standard roller deck can serve a variety of special functions. For example, it can be used as a workstation, as a leveling transfer deck, or as part of a scissor-lift table.

SICARGO Friction Driven Roller Deck

Friction-powered roller decks are mainly used for ULD storage locations. They are driven by an ETV, Stacker or TV operating in the storage area. Another application of friction-powered roller decks is the use as workstations, normally in conjunction with a TV. Within a limited deck length, it can also serve as a spacer inbetween neighbored decks.

SICARGO Right Angle Deck

The right angle (RA) deck is used to change the conveying direction of ULDs. It accepts ULDs from four directions and delivers them onward in four directions. When the direction changes, the wide edge leading – instead of the narrow edge leading – becomes the front side. The RA deck operates fully electrically and in such a way that the load conveying height always remains the same. When the wheels are retracted, the rollers raise up, and vice versa.

SICARGO Slave Pallet

Slave pallets are generally used in small manual cargo handling systems or for additional workstation capacity in larger cargo systems. The slave pallet is basically a manually-operated roller deck that can be easily moved with special pallet movers. The ULDs are pushed manually from the slave pallet directly onto the automated system: either a dolly or a handover point. This allows for greater flexibility inside the warehouse for ULD build-ups and breakdowns.

Siemens also offers solutions that enable slave pallets to be handled with conventional forklift trucks, thereby reducing capital expenditures for special pallet movers.

SICARGO Castor Mat

The castor mat enables a single operator to move containers or pallets weighing up to 6,800 kg in any direction. The size of the castor mat depends on the available area that requires manual operations. It is generally used for slow-traffic ULDs, or when additional handling or processes are required.

SICARGO Roller Ball Mat

 The roller-ball mat is a single-operator container- or pallet-handling device enabling the manual movement of ULDs (weights:  up to 6,800 kg) in any direction. The system is usually used for slow throughout – or when additional handling is required. The size of the mat depends on the area where manual operations are required.

SICARGO Free-Driven Transport Deck

A free-driven transport deck enables ULDs to be manually transferred or stored. The ULDs are loaded onto motor-driven equipment and dollies, or off-loaded from the same. The size of the free-driven transport deck depends on the area where manual operations are required.
Free-driven transport decks are usually used as temporary storage areas for ULDs – particularly when additional handling or processes are necessary. In some cases, the free-driven transport deck is laid out and configured in such a way that it can be used as a redundant system for manual ULD transport in case of a power outage.

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