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Siemens Mobility provides efficient and integrated transportation of people and goods by rail and road – including rolling stock, rail automation, rail electrification, intelligent traffic systems and service. Siemens designs and manufactures across the entire spectrum of rolling stock, including commuter and regional passenger trains, light rail and streetcars, metros, locomotives, passenger coaches and high speed trainsets. Cities and railroads also rely on Siemens to provide traction-power substations and electricity transmission, as well as signaling and control technology for freight and passenger rail and transit systems.

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Freight Rail

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Road Solutions


Trends & Topics

Collaboration with Calgary Transit

Siemens is delivering 63 new light rail vehicles, strengthening an over 30-year relationship with Calgary Transit.

Leading the way to seamless mobility

Growing volume of traffic, booming urbanization and increasing environmental pollution are key challenges cities and municipalities face that call for innovative solutions. Siemens is lead the way to seamless, smarter, more sustainable and efficient mobility with a complete range of cutting-edge solutions and services.

Shaping connected mobility

With digitalization, we enable mobility operators to make trains and infrastructure intelligent, increase value sustainably over the entire lifecycle, enhance passenger experience and guarantee availability.

Efficient public transport with zero emissions

With the right charging technology, the advantages of electrified buses can be utilized: less energy consumption in comparison to buses with combustion engines, use of renewable energy, less noise, lower particle emissions, lower CO₂, lower lifecycle costs, and reliable service.

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