Manufacturing in the U.S.

With more than 2,000 employees in locations across the U.S., Siemens Mobility is designing and manufacturing solutions that make transportation more efficient for America.

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  • Manufacturing in Pittsburgh

    With groundbreaking facilities in power electronics and rail automation, Siemens is at the heart of Pittsburgh’s technological revolution, making real the things that matter.

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  • Smart, Efficient and Integrated Railroad Solutions

    Siemens Rail Automation provides signaling and control systems for the mass transit and freight and products market. Watch this short video to learn more about our solutions.

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Freight Solutions - Louisville, Ky.


Road and Rail Solutions - Marion, Ky.

The Rail Automation, Louisville, Ky., facility houses the global headquarters of the Siemens Freight and Products Business Unit, which manufactures rail signaling and communications products, such as grade crossing warning lights, bells and gates, for rail lines around the world. The manufacturing facility assembles and wires the complex control equipment required for train control systems, wayside signal systems and grade crossing warning systems. Siemens also engineers software solutions at this location such as Positive Train Control (PTC), a signal enforcement system that will lead to more efficient train control, specifically for the North American market. Siemens finalized its acquisition of Invensys Rail in May 2013, expanding the company’s footprint in the global rail automation market and strengthening its technology offerings, including PTC solutions. This facility houses engineering, manufacturing and assembly, sales, marketing and program management personnel. Siemens employs a total of 340 people at the plant.

Rail Automation currently employs roughly 280 workers at its Marion, Ky, plant. The facility was opened in 2001 and began relay production. Since the facility opened its doors, additional operations were added, opening the box assembly and welding functions to support cross cantilevers.

From 2005 to 2008, wayside wiring was added for Norfolk Southern Railroad and other initiatives added signal mast wiring and machine shop activates. In 2009, after the purchase of Quantum Engineering the plant underwent a upgrade to facilitate the expansion.

From 2010 to 2013, manufacturing operations continued to grow and additional product lines were added, driving another 26,000 square foot addition to the facility. In 2015, the Marion facility expanded again, by moving the manufacturing portion of our traffic controller operation from Austin, Texas, to Marion.


Rail Signaling and Controls - Pittsburgh, Pa.


Rail Electrification - Portland, Ore.

Rail Automation manufactures and engineers all of their Cab Signaling and Positive Train Control equipment in Pittsburgh, Pa. In the fall of 2014, Siemens relocated this manufacturing facility from East Pittsburgh to Munhall, Pa. The modern waterfront development space now combines our engineering office as well as our manufacturing floor. The new facility is 23,000 square feet and houses state-of-the-art business equipment. Along with expanding into a new space, we will be growing our staff from 40 to 65 in 2015 due to an increased need for PTC products.

This facility is known for making all of the onboarding equipment, which includes Cab Signal systems, display units, controls, control boxes, pickup receiver bars and axel generators.

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Rail Electrification in Tualatin, Ore., specializes in the design, systems integration, assembly, testing and commissioning of traction power substations, and provides overhead catenary assemblies for installation. Rail
Electrification employs more than 50 experienced professionals, engineers, technicians and skilled workers.

The combined facility and office of 24,000 square feet, houses operations for DC switchgear assembly, rectifier assembly, warehouse, overhead catenary assembly, and engineering and office space. Design, engineering, procurement, fabrication and assembly, as well as bid-related activities take place in this facility.


Rolling Stock - Sacramento, Calif.

The Siemens Sacramento, Calif., rail manufacturing plant is a leader in providing rolling stock and related
services. Its portfolio covers the full range of vehicles – including commuter and regional passenger trains, light rail vehicles and streetcars, metros, locomotives and passenger coaches, all built right here in the U.S. at a manufacturing plant powered almost entirely by a 2-MW solar installation.

The Sacramento plant builds rolling stock from start to finish: design, engineering, car shells, bogies, subassembly, final assembly and testing, all while leveraging sustainable manufacturing practices. In addition to getting more than 80 percent of its electricity from solar power, the plant employs new technologies and practices that have reduced volatile organic compound waste by more than 50 percent while increasing production by more than 200 percent in less than three years.

Currently, more than 800 people are employed at 580,000 square-foot factory, on 60 acres of land. A recently completed expansion for passenger coach manufacturing will also support a future high-speed rail center of excellence to manufacture train sets for the U.S.

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