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Our world is becoming ever more connected. Billions of intelligent devices and machines generate massive amounts of data, creating a bridge between real and virtual worlds.  Siemens is continuously developing intelligent rail automation solutions to help you process this data and put it to use, for safer and more efficient railroads.

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  • Watch a video about our brand new RailFusion software. Learn how RailFusion is the next generation of remote monitoring and intelligent asset management. RailFusion features customizable alarms, reports, and notification methods, catered to each customer.

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  • Siemens Rail Automation provides signaling and control systems for the mass transit and freight and products market. Watch this short video to learn more about our solutions.

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  • The Siemens MS 4000 is a reliable, easy to install, cost effective system that activates grade crossing warning devices. The MS 4000 can be configured as either a basic motion sensor type controller or as a basic grade crossing predictor type controller based on customer requirements

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  • Watch our Trackguard retarder video and learn about its many features. Trackguard retarder is a variable clasp retarder system for speed control in train formation yards. In this system, lower main retarders and classification track retarders feature the same basic elements.

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  • Watch a video about Siemens Freight Products and Solutions. Speed, reliability and convenience are critical to the commercial success of freight and rail product markets.  Rail automation from Siemens will keep you on track to achieve all three with optimum line utilization.

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Learn about our featured products at the Railway Interchange

Positive Train Control


Siemens Trainguard PTC is designed on a scalable, vital platform to meet the highest standards in the rail industry. Siemens PTC solution includes:

- Onboard Unit (OBU)

- Locomotive Messaging Server (LMS)

- Human Machine Interface (HMI)

- Wheel Speed Sensor

- Dual GPS Receivers


RailFusion software is the next generation of remote monitoring and intelligent asset management. It provides access to data and configurations for all crossing locations, as well as onboard and wayside devices.  And because the interface is web-based, users have access from almost anywhere with a unique user login and access restrictions.



Wayside Controller

Grade Crossing protection systems from Siemens have proven themselves worldwide and are characterized by high level of safety, reliability and cost-effectiveness. Modular level crossing protection and low maintenance costs are just a few of the benefits of our Grade crossing solutions.

The Trackguard Wayside Controller (WC) is a vital microprocessor-controlled system that generates an electronic DC coded track circuit and operates intermediate signal locations and single or multiple switch interlockings.

Trackguard Retarder

Gate Mechanism

In the hump yards of marshaling yards, retarders are very important elements for controlling the speed of humping operations. Retarders in the distribution area of hump yards enable spacing between the differently running cars. This increases the efficiency of a hump yard

Siemens Gate Mechanism systems have the newest available technology with an inline gear motor and electric brake combination, making the system simple to repair, more effective and easily adjustable


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