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System Expansions and Migration

MXL® to FireFinder® XLS Migration Solution

A Smart Way to Extend Your Investment


Siemens helps to reduce the overall life cycle costs of your facility by extending the life of older MXL systems through a cost-effective upgrade program. Modernize your system to the latest technology platform while leveraging the value of your past investments.

This solution is designed with business continuity in mind and can be completed with minimal disruption to you, your facility and your customers.

Economical and Effective


Migration not only costs less than installing a new system, it can also reduce the costs associated with servicing an older system. The MXL to FireFinder XLS migration solution was designed with cost efficiency and business continuity in mind. The solution requires no heavy equipment and can often be completed in about a day. With this solution there is no need to make a new cutout or rewire. An adaptor kit accommodates the new electronics in the existing backbox with the old wiring and the upgraded system works with legacy detectors. The migrated system provides customers with additional features over the replaced system, including a faster response time and larger, more intuitive screen from which to view and respond to events.

Gateway to Future Technology


The MXL to FireFinder XLS migration solution demonstrates Siemens commitment to protecting our customers’ investments while ensuring their access to state of the art technology. By migrating to the FireFinder XLS you not only gain access to more advanced technology, but you also adopt a platform that will be compatible with future Siemens fire and building product enhancements. 

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