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Zero Waste Landfill Strategies

By: Steve Kooy, Sustainability ManagerHaworth

Four years ago, our U.S. factories were generating nearly 20 million pounds of landfill waste annually. That quantity dropped by half in 2007 and again in 2008. By the end of 2009, we achieved our goal of zero waste to landfill status for our global headquarters and manufacturing facilities in the United States. Our Shanghai, China and Pune, India facilities had already met the goal in 2008.

Haworth accomplished this “industry first” through hard work, strong support from leadership and getting everyone involved with the process. As a result, less than three percent of our waste materials are sent to a municipal waste-to-energy facility. Incinerating unused materials to generate steam or electricity is our most ex-pensive and least preferred method of waste management. We are now working toward the goal of zero waste to energy. In the spirit of continuous improvement we hope one day to reach a truly sustainable system where all wastes are used elsewhere without downcycling.

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