Emissions Inventory, Fiscal Year 2013

The Building Technologies Division of Siemens Industry, Inc. is pleased to present the results of our Fiscal Year 2013 emissions inventory.  This the sixth consecutive year that we have completed a comprehensive inventory, and includes carbon emissions from the following activities associated with our business operations:

  • Fuel consumption from our fleet of vehicles (Scope 1 emissions)

  • Natural gas, heating oil and propane used in our facilities (Scope 1 emissions)

  • Purchased electricity for our facilities (Scope 2 emissions)

  • Airline travel directly related to business activities (Scope 3 emissions)

Measuring our emissions inventory and making the results available to our key stakeholders supports two key aspects of our sustainability program and mission; to lead by example in our own operations by reducing our environmental impact, and by ensuring transparency of our performance.

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