BT Sustainability Program Overview

Pillar 1: Products

Reduce the environmental impact of the products we manufacture.

We incorporate sustainability into the manufacturing, packaging and labeling of our products. This mindset begins in the research and development of every new product and continues all the way through to the shipping phase. Our own standards dictate that every next generation product we create must use less energy and natural resources to produce than its predecessor. We continue to increase our usage of recycled content materials and the amount of products and packaging we recycle, and to work with our vendors to increase reusable packaging.

Our approach also includes redesigning, retrofitting and repackaging existing products to meet our own rigorous internal Siemens standards known as SN36350. These internal product norms identify and mandate elimination of materials that are known to negatively impact the environment but are not regulated by law.

Frequently, we work to voluntarily comply with the requirements of regulatory authorities, prior to being mandated. This ensures that our products continue to meet the highest environmental standards.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Completed Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for all 987 valves, actuators, sensors, controllers and displays released in the last 10 years, up from just 100 products two years ago.

  • Developed a new green clean agent technology for our Sinorix 1230 fire suppression system; with a Global Warming Potential of 1 (the lowest for any chemical agent) and zero ozone depletion, SINORIX 1230 allows system engineers to replace existing suppression agents and achieve U.S. Green Building Council LEED-EB certification credits.

  • Redesigned the packaging for our Sinorix Suppression tank technology to eliminate the need for plastic and bubble wrap on more than 1,500 tanks shipped annually.

Pillar 2: Operations

Minimize the environmental footprint of our business operations.

We believe sustainability starts at home. For us, it means making the way we operate our corporate facilities, 100 field offices, fleet of over 4,000 vehicles, and day-to-day business activities more energy and resource efficient. From our innovative Eco-Fund grant program, branch sustainability standards, renewable energy purchases, employee sustainability training, to our cross-divisional green teams, we are working to continuously drive environmental progress throughout Siemens Building Technologies.

Key Accomplishments

1. Reduced Building Technologies total FY2011 greenhouse gas emissions by 3.8% from FY2010 levels. Significant gains were made by:

  • Maintaining our EPA Green Power Partnership and offsetting 6% of our electricity consumption through the purchase of certified renewable energy.

  • Reducing our fleet’s FY2011 emissions by 7% from FY2010 levels by 3,263 MtCO2 and increasing overall fleet fuel efficiency by 6.0%.

2. Approved over 60 Eco-Fund grants in FY2011 and FY2012 enabling projects such as:

  • Lighting retrofits for the San Francisco, Austin and Philadelphia branches resulting in energy and greenhouse gas savings.

  • Replacing disposable cups, cutlery and/or dishware at seven branches to lower the amount of waste we send to landfill.

  • Developed an interactive sustainability training module that has been made available to all Siemens Building Technologies employees.

3. Implemented Branch Sustainability Standards that establish guidelines for energy efficiency, waste reduction and community engagement, to help guide local branch sustainability efforts.

Pillar 3: Solutions

Develop industry-leading products, services, and solutions that generate a positive environmental impact for our customers.

Across our company, we are driven to innovate and challenge the status quo. It’s a drive that makes Building Technologies a leader in sustainability and a partner to organizations wanting to make real environmental progress. Customers rely on our innovative solutions and experience to help reduce the environmental impact of their building portfolio. The work we do together attacks a major source of greenhouse gas in the United States and reduces resource consumption. Buildings consume more than 70% of the nation’s electricity and 40% of raw materials, contributing nearly 40% of greenhouse gas emissions.

Key Accomplishments:

1. Developed new solutions focused on meeting specific customer needs:

  • Siemens Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), in conjunction with Siemens Financial Services, making us the only partner who finances, designs, builds, and maintains solar equipment on a customer’s property.

  • Existing Building Commissioning (EBCx), which provides savings of 10% to 20% by implementing facility improvement measures that have an average simple payback slightly over one year.

2. Grew our sustainability portfolio through strategic acquisitions:

  • Pace Global, a U.S.-based energy service provider of energy and sustainability consulting, sophisticated utility bill management, and energy and carbon management software.

  • Site Controls, LLC, whose web-based energy and facility management system provides real-time monitoring and control of major energy-consuming devices.

  • Advanced Telemetry and its EcoView™ wireless and cloud-based energy management solution for retail, small commercial and franchise businesses.

3. Produced a “Building Cities, Building Futures” national tour with the National League of Cities focused on sustainable infrastructure as a catalyst for economic growth.

Pillar 4: Transparency

Provide transparency and visibility of our sustainability strategies, initiatives, and performance.

Collaborating with our employees and customers -- We believe it takes all of us working together to make meaningful progress towards achieving our sustainability goals. That is why we are committed to communicating honestly and transparently to our employees and customers about our sustainability strategies, progress and challenges. We work to create internal awareness and encourage participation through our local Sustainability Champion network, monthly sustainability webinars, case studies and sustainability intranet site. For our customers and shareholders, we conduct industry-leading research and produce thought leadership events to advance sustainability knowledge and best practice sharing.

Key Accomplishments:

1. Created an innovative sustainability training module that has been made available to all employees

2. Continued our commitment to developing industry leading research that advances our understanding of sustainability:

  • “A Path to Achieving Higher Building Performance”: released results of survey of 150 building portfolio owners conducted with McGraw-Hill Construction in June 2012.

  • “Greening of Corporate America“: released results of our third survey conducted with McGraw-Hill Construction in October 2012.

  • “Sustainability Scorecard”: released results of new survey developed with Building Operating Management (BOM) magazine in October 2012.

  • Partnered with Buildings magazine to develop a “2013 State of Sustainability” survey of how organizations are financing and evaluating energy-conservation efforts.

  • Launched our public Sustainability@BT microsite to provide our stakeholders with information on our sustainability efforts as well as third-party research reports, articles, case studies, videos and sustainability reports.

  • Partnered on important thought leadership forums such as the Sustainable Industries magazine’s Economic Forums in San Francisco and Seattle, and the  Buildings magazine’s Smart Sustainability Expo.

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