Waste Water Treatment

Siemens can provide comprehensive solutions for every aspect of your wastewater infrastructure. Siemens takes a program approach to reducing energy consumption and costs throughout your city. This approach consists of conducting energy efficiency analyses across all city facilities, including buildings, landfills, water and wastewater treatment plants, and more. Additionally, you can capture unrealized revenue and address the less visible but equally challenging concerns related to aging infrastructure and manual processes.

Waste Water Collection

Siemens partners with communities to develop solutions that improve the energy efficiency and performance of the wastewater collection system. We work together to design and implement  such innovative solutions as:

  • High efficiency motors

  • Performance controls and optimization

  • Instrumentation upgrades

  • Remote monitoring

  • Monitoring multiple pump stations from a single home base avoids the cost and inconvenience of driving to each individual pump station to ensure proper operation and performance

  • Variable frequency drives

  • Low and medium voltage switchgear

  • Control panels

  • Odor control

Waste Water Treatment

As both a manufacturer as well as an energy services company (ESCO), Siemens can provide the most comprehensive, cost-effective and reliable wastewater treatment solutions available today. Our Water Solutions are designed to reduce energy consumption and operating costs through:

  • High efficiency blowers

  • High efficiency drives and motors

  • High efficiency pumping stations

  • Optimized residuals management

  • Optimized biological wastewater treatment and enhanced nutrient removal (e.g. phosphorus and nitrogen)

  • Optimized wastewater clarification

  • Optimized wastewater filtration

  • Membrane bioreactors

  • Optimized chemical and polymer feed and disinfection

  • Biogas storage and energy recovery

  • Sludge digestion enhancements

  • Solid disintegration processes

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