Wood  Biomass Gasification Technology

Wood Gasification Process

The wood gasification process thermally converts waste material into a new energy source.

Wood biomass gasification heats wood in an oxygen deprived environment until the wood is transformed into a gas. The resulting gas can be used to power on-site energy systems and can be used like other fuels, to create hot water and steam, or cooled and purified to be used as fuel for engines, gas or micro-turbines.

The advantage of biomass gasification is that waste wood is not put into the landfill — leaving room for other materials that are not reusable. Subsequently, the wood is processed into a usable fuel source that emits a low amount of pollutants, such as Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) during the conversion.

The Benefits of Wood Gasification

  • Energy price stability

  • Direct use as on-site energy

  • Cleaner emissions

  • Energy security

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