Access Control

Systems That Enable Secure and Authorized Access

Access Control

Siemens can design and implement access control solutions that are tailored for restricted areas at airports, in manufacturing plants, throughout office facilities and more. Advanced technologies bring you the functionality you need with expandability for the future: the investment you make today will not become obsolete overnight if your business requirements change.

We feature a range of access card solutions that enable staff members, vendors or contractors to enter specific areas at the times you designate. The same access card can also be used to monitor time and attendance. Organizations running multiple satellite buildings benefit from central management of access rights, allowing staff to access any building with a single card.

In addition, we are at the forefront of biometric technology that comprises fingerprint and facial recognition and iris scans. Siemens can incorporate multiple layers of control to provide the highest level of security for special areas.

We also have the ability to implement enterprise-level access control solutions. We can tie together multiple sites across large geographic areas, helping automate the management of your systems.

Our solutions can be integrated to different databases within your organization, for example, Human Resources, solving your business needs and adding value to your security operations. 

For added flexibility, Siemens access control solutions are easily integrated with other building systems, including CCTV, fire safety, intrusion detection or management stations. As an example, if an alarm is generated at an access control point, your CCTV system can be set to automatically record, and video footage can be managed remotely from a central control room.

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