Public and Multi-Family Housing

Tightening budgets. Volatile energy costs. Aging facilities. Legislative mandates. All are issues facing today’s Public Housing Authorities (PHAs).

According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the average utility expenditures for today’s public housing units can account for 30 percent of an authority’s total budget. New energy- and water-efficient equipment could save thousands of capital dollars through reduced long-term energy and water bills. However, new building equipment usually requires a considerable capital investme

As most publicly financed facilities lack the up-front project funds necessary to accomplish large-scale efficiency projects, your agency can benefit from entering into a partnership with Siemens to purchase and install the equipment you need —paid for with energy cost savings.

At Siemens, we work with you to reduce your facility’s energy use through progressive energy-saving equipment and energy information tools, such as audits, utility bill management, energy analysis and employee / residential education programs.  For your unique energy needs — Siemens has the answers.

Learn how to improve your facilities’ systems to become a greener community.

Green Building Operations & Maintenance Manual - Public Housing Authorities

Download a free copy of Green Building Operations and Maintenance Manual: A Guide for Public Housing Authorities

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