Product Recall - Audible Base

Warning Safety Recall

This advisory is to alert you to a potential safety issue with the product listed below. 

In extreme situations, this issue could lead to property loss or serious personal injury.

The Siemens Quality Program requires continuous monitoring of product performance.  This process includes third party certifications, as well as tests and procedures specific to Siemens. We have identified a potential safety issue with Siemens Building Technologies Audible Base.

The Situation

The products at issue are Siemens Building Technologies Audible Base (Model SBGA-34, Part Number S54370-F13-A1 and date codes 0113 through 2314 in a WWYY format printed on a white label on the back of the unit. “MODEL SBGA-34” is printed on a blue label also affixed to the back of the device).

The audible base is used with the following fire detectors:

  • Cerberus PRO models (OOHC941, OOH941, OH921, OP921, HI921)

  • Desigo Fire Safety models (FDOOTC441, FDOOT441, FDOT421, FDO421, FDT421)

  • H-Series (HFP-11, HFPT-11, HFPO-11)

  • Faraday 87XX-Series, models (8713, 8712, 8710)

The audible base and fire detectors are used with the following alarm systems:

  • Siemens model FireFinder® XLS via DLC 6312 Device Loop Card

  • Siemens model FS -250

  • Desigo model FC2005, (50-point panel)

  • Desigo model FC2025, (252-point system)

  • Desigo model FC2050, (504-point system)

  • Cerberus PRO FC901, (50-point panel)

  • Cerberus PRO FC922, (252-point system)

  • Cerberus PRO FC924, (504-point system)

  • Faraday models MPC-600 & MPC-7000

The fire alarm base can fail to sound an alarm, posing a risk of personal injury and property damage. This only involves only SBGA-34 audible bases sold from February 2013 to June 2014.

Immediate Safety Actions Required:

In order to ensure that all potentially non-conforming product is captured, all of the SBGA-34 bases with affected date will need to be quarantined and returned. Please contact Siemens Building Technologies Customer Support team at
1-800-516-9964 in the US, as explained further down in this safety notice.

Customer contact information for Canada:
Phone number: 1-855-899-9937
Fax number:     1-855-870-7305


If you believe that you may have a suspect Audible Base please call 1-800-516-9964, Siemens Building Technologies Customer Support team. The customer will be asked to purchase a replacement Audible Base(s), immediately be issued a Return Material Authorization (RMA) Number and sent a return product form. Once the product(s) under recall is returned, Siemens will replace the affected Audible Base(s), as well as compensate for labor as detailed on the return product form.

Siemens apologizes for the inconvenience this recall may cause. The company is taking all necessary steps to remedy the situation and ensure the safety and effectiveness of its products.

Siemens Product Recall - Audible Base

Please direct all questions to 1-800-516-9964 in the US.

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