Are your utility costs managed to maximum savings potential?

Today energy costs alone represent about 30% of a building’s total operating costs. However, managing utility bills is often a manual process that poses significant challenges for today’s multi-facility organizations.

Implementing a third party utility bill management solution can help address these challenges by ensuring that all utility costs are managed for maximum savings potential. The benefits of partnering with a utility bill expert can include:

  • Resolving utility bill errors and recovering costs

  • Freeing up internal resources, improving productivity

  • Alleviating risk and penalties by avoiding late payments

  • Optimizing tax and tariff structure to drive savings

  • Capturing utility invoice details in a centralized location to yield optimal transparency for reporting and analysis

Gain transparency and immediate and recurring savings.

World class bill validation and management process

Siemens provides a turnkey solution to the challenges associated with utility bill management.  The diligence of our utility bill management experts and our industry-leading 60+ point validation checks of all available utility invoices and contract information can identify and capture immediate and recurring savings.

Avoid over-payments with expert invoice validation

Verifying the accuracy of your utility invoices is a critical step in any energy management process and one that can yield immediate return. As an important part of our energy data management services, Siemens applies a series of systematic validation checks to search for errors based on anomalies related to usage and cost patterns for each facility type. Utility invoices that fail validation checks are flagged and evaluated by a trained energy analyst. When invoice discrepancies arise, we work directly with the supplier on our clients’ behalf to ensure that all utility invoices are corrected and erroneous fees avoided.

The combination of our technology, applied expertise, proprietary audit process, and commitment to maximizing customer value makes us one of the industry leaders in utility bill management.

30000+ invoices processed per month
$5B+ our customers energy spend per year

$57M in bill pay transactions per month
Fortune 500 companies reply on our UBM Services

Download the Siemens Utility Bill Management Brochure

In addition to our global network of energy experts skilled in maximizing utility bill savings, our cloud-based energy management system, Navigator, serves as the foundation for delivering our solution and provides near real-time access to energy spend reports and analyses.

Navigator supplies organizations with the data, perspectives, and tools to build an energy program that minimizes a client’s energy costs and risks. It provides centralized energy intelligence, contract and invoice information, performance metrics associated with budget variances, and cost/consumption trends that can be used to identify areas of opportunity and risk.

Take your first step towards Energy supply management

Strategic sourcing is a key lever in business cost optimization that requires ongoing monitoring and benchmarking, and the same is true when it comes to Energy Procurement.

Strategic Energy Planning

Our integrated process ensures that your sustainability programs are successful today and into the future. We start by understanding your goals and objectives. We evaluate your program and initiatives within the context of your market and competitive environment. We then develop a clear and comprehensive roadmap, and recommend improvements that are goal-driven, measurable, and impactful to your organization.

Energy Procurement

Siemens understands the challenges facing energy consumers and has developed world-class procurement services designed to maximize market competition and drive down supplier premiums. By bringing our deep market knowledge, large buying portfolio, and buyer-friendly contracting experience to the table, our customers achieve lower costs and better contract terms that will best meet their needs.

Sustainability Reporting

Our easy to implement solution offers on-demand, anytime access to robust sustainability data analysis and reporting tools via the worldwide web. This proprietary data management and reporting system captures and processes the data needed into an enterprise-wide carbon and sustainability inventory that will meet most major reporting protocols.

Additional Siemens Benefits

Our business is to help clients optimize their supply of energy, reduce their consumption of costly resources and help their businesses become more sustainable. From energy reduction to energy production and procurement, and even long term investment protection, Siemens is equipped to assist in customizing an energy management program that addresses needs from both sides of the meter. Our approach ensures a comprehensive plan to meet clients’ strategic and technical goals today, while protecting and optimizing their investments well into the future via continuous data analysis and support.

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