Energy Purchasing and Supply Services

Energy Purchasing and Supply Services

Leverage our market insight and scale to lower your energy bills. With the volatility and complexity of today's energy markets, the only constant is the dynamic change at work driving energy prices, supply, demand and regulation. Energy markets, regulation and risk are expanding at a rapid pace, while internal resources are challenged to keep up.

To successfully address these challenges you need an energy supply program that can reduce your costs and mitigate the wide-ranging risks associated with your energy spend.  Our energy supply management services are tailored to each customer and designed to lower costs, reduce risks and create certainty. We work for you, firmly on your side of the negotiating table. With a energy procurement portfolio consisting of more than 12,000 facilities worldwide, we are proud to offer a proven, world-class energy management programs tailored to support your business goals.

Energy Procurement

Our experience in the structure and management of energy supply contracts will ensure that your business receives maximum value across all key energy purchases. At Pace Global, our expert energy buyers continuously and meticulously review market conditions against your existing contract positions and cost objectives to determine where opportunities can be captured and risks best contained.

When you work with Pace Global, our dedicated market experts will implement energy supply strategies that create maximum advantage through:

  • Location aggregation to increase purchasing scale and reduce supplier premiums

  • Structuring of contract terms to take advantage of the most economic energy sourcing options and opportune buying times

  • Consideration of longer-term transactions to reduce premiums and take advantage of potentially backwardated forward price curves

  • Reduction of credit terms and other hidden cost components such as supply management fees and other service fees

  • Utilization of advanced procurement technologies including online bidding platforms and reverse auctions to maximize supplier competition

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