The ECM Hub


Pace Energy & Carbon Management (Pace ECM) delivers a fast, effective, and economic solution to energy management and sustainability needs. Our advanced web-based energy and carbon data management systems - Energy Zone® and ecolink® - are integrated to provide an enterprise-wide communication platform that centralizes energy procurement and sustainability metrics.  We call this the ECM Hub. It provides the core energy and carbon management framework that connects the entire organization across a regional or global operating footprint, and allows stakeholders to make informed planning decisions that positively affect the company’s bottom line.  In less than two months, a culture of energy and carbon awareness can be instituted that reduces costs, enhances brand awareness and facilitates strategic planning.


Energy Zone® (a core module of ECM HubSM) is the foundation of the Pace Global energy management program. This web-enabled system provides ready access to your invoices, contracts, reporting, budget performance and savings initiatives. Moreover, Energy Zone® provides 24-hour transparency to your energy metrics and creates a culture of energy-awareness for your business.Through tailored security rights, your plant, division and corporate managers have access to key information in near real-time to aid in decision making and reporting.  With a few simple clicks, managers can accomplish key tasks, benchmark locations or business lines and measure key initiatives such as performance against budget and production-normalized performance across plants.  This ready access to important energy information allows valuable employees to maintain focus on core business issues and overall competitiveness.


Ecolink® (a component of ECM HubSM) is a centralized web-based system to track, analyze, and proactively manage enterprise wide carbon inventories and sustainability performance.  Cost savings are achieved through the identification and prioritization of energy efficiency and carbon reduction projects and efficient regulatory compliance.  One of the most important and valuable elements of an effective corporate sustainability effort is a well organized demand side program.  ecolink® seamlessly incorporates demand side initiatives and provides transparent access to the identification, evaluation and implementation of all your energy efficiency and investment projects.  The system creates a collaborative environment with sustainability project management tools, enhanced managerial capabilities, and transparent, robust reporting of your corporate carbon position. ecolink® is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that combines software, data management processes and deep expertise to solve the data management and organization challenge and deliver a true turnkey solution.

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