Commodity Risk Management

Energy Risk Management

The volatility associated with energy commodities represents an immense management challenge for energy consumers. Positions that appear safe today can rapidly erode operating margins and impact your bottom line. Because of this, energy risk management has taken on heightened importance to effectively manage and meet both budget and broader business objectives.

Tailored to your business needs and objectives, our highly effective, non-speculative risk management program brings a consistent and structured approach to mitigate or take advantage of energy market volatility.

At Pace Global we apply analytical rigor and market perspective to achieve your objectives. Here's how:

  • We use proprietary back cast and risk horizon tools to provide intelligent risk profile analysis and perspective to guide hedge decisions.

  • We aggressively represent your interests during the execution of hedge transactions.

  • We leverage our access to comprehensive market price feeds and forecasts to ensure the competitiveness of each supplier's offer.

  • We provide daily updates on market positions and target cost performance through Energy Zone®.

  • We offer insightful and informative market advisory perspectives through ongoing personal engagement with our clients.

Market Monitoring and Advisory

In order to enable participation in the lower end of the markets, you have to have deep knowledge of what makes prices move and the foresight, discipline and importantly the ability to act before the market spikes against your objectives.  Pace Global monitors markets on a daily basis including fundamental drivers and technical indicators and identifies when to buy and when to float consistent with your defined objectives.  Leverage our market insight and analysis to eliminate speculation and time your energy purchases and contain the risks facing your organization.

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