Video Monitoring and Management

RSM Video Monitoring and Management offers:

Video Alarm Verification - We verify any alarm generated from your sensors that go through your panel including motion, intrusion or access control using real time video from your cameras.

  • Minimize the fees associated with false alarms and human response

  • Better communication to authorities during response

  • Greater utilization of security staff

  • Instant video documentation of event

Video Guard Tours - We review and record video from each camera at scheduled time intervals of your choosing.

  • Cost-effective alternative to conduct after hours guard tours

  • Reduce the physical risk of your security staff

  • Ensure functionality of surveillance system

  • Recorded video tours for investigative or requirements purposes

  • Immediately react to alarm events

Video Alarm Management - Alarms generated through sensors in the camera with built-in analytics or motion detection sensors go directly to Siemens for verification without going through a panel.

  • Install security protocols while viewing specific locations

  • Heightened response for highly secured areas to provide a higher level of security

  • Leverage existing video system capabilities

Video Escort - We utilize your cameras to visually escort any person or asset that moves from one location to another.

  • Provide extra security for employees and assets

  • Great utilization of guard staff

  • Video documentation of transporting sensitive assets or materials

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