Monitoring and Managed Services

Managed Security Services Allow You to Pay Less and Be More Secure

With Managed Security Services (MSS) from Siemens, security is not just a system or service; it’s a solution. Our integrated solution combines comprehensive systems, intelligent software and ongoing service to protect your assets and employees. We meet your need for a fast, reliable and technically knowledgeable partner, as well as provide you with best-in-class security services for less than the cost of in-house, full-time security resources.

Maximize your Return on Investment (ROI) on security solutions with Managed Security Services from Siemens:

  • Cost Reduction - Our cost-effective Remote Security Management services reduce the fees associated with false alarms and human response, while also minimizing internal support resources.

  • Full Accessibility - We offer an intuitive web management tool for transparency into events. You can administer, monitor and manage your security systems anytime from anywhere.

  • Cost Effective Scalability - Through our centralized model, we manage your facilities and locations nationwide with easy and cost effective solutions to meet your ever expanding needs.

  • Consistent Reliability - Our reliable, professional security team responds to any event by managing and monitoring your site 24x7x365.

  • Single Provider - Siemens provides everything you need for your security operations including best-in-class products and technology, service and maintenance, redundant monitoring stations, and our Siemens Customer Support Center. When you choose Siemens, the confusion and uncertainty of working with multiple security dealers and service providers are eliminated.

Siemens Managed Security Services includes:

Remote Security Management (RSM) - This is the best solution for security professionals who want a comprehensive solution, but have limited budget or in-house expertise to administer, manage or monitor their systems. RSM is a complete service suite that allows your team to focus on your core business, while Siemens focuses on implementing and executing your security protocols through the physical security system. With RSM, our expert team can administer, manage and monitor your security protocols through your access control, video and audio systems. This service also offers access to our hosted web portal where you can connect to your system for complete transparency or manage some of the systems yourself.

Our services include:

Video Monitoring and Management

  • Video Alarm Verification

  • Video Guard Tours

  • Video Alarm Management

  • Video Escort

Access Control Monitoring and Management

  • Alarm/Event Monitoring and Management

  • Connection Monitoring and Management

  • Hosted Servers

  • System Maintenance and Upgrades

  • Outsourced System Administration

Traditional Alarm Management

Traditional monitoring services offer customers the security of having someone “watch” over their locations 24x7x365. The Alarm Management & Monitoring service includes conventional monitoring such as fire, intrusion, environmental and hold-up.  Also, by integrating with your video and audio systems, we can enhance our services with video verification, 2-way audio and other remote video and audio services. Our reliable Alarm Management and Monitoring of your critical systems can help identify malfunctions, threats or hazards before they become a potential loss of time, assets or money.

Customer Support Center

Our Customer Support Center provides you with fast, reliable and always available assistance. Our support representatives have experience in a wide range of Siemens-installed systems including building automation, fire and life safety, and security. Their expertise in handling potential threatening situations will help you solve your most complex cases efficiently.

Outsourcing On-Site Personnel

Siemens offers you both remote security management and staffing if your security protocols require on-site personnel for administering, managing or monitoring your physical security system. This offering gives you access to the best security talent without spending time and resources on training or certification. With outsourcing, it’s our responsibility to hire, train and retain highly skilled staff, allowing you to focus internal resources on more critical business initiatives.

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