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Kent School

Innovative mass notification ensures students get the message

Founded in 1906, Kent School is a private, college preparatory school located next to the Housatonic River in northwestern Connecticut. Total enrollment for the co-ed institution is 570, of which 520 live on campus. The grounds of Kent School span 1,200 acres, and comprise 6 dormitories, 10 instructional buildings and a wide range of athletic and recreational facilities, including an equestrian center, a boathouse, and over 10 miles of biking and cross-country trails.

With the help of Siemens, officials at Kent School implemented innovative technologies that have increased safety and emergency preparedness across its campus.

  • Desigo Mass Notification System (MNS) helps ensure emergency communications reach students and faculty across expansive campus

  • It leverages the latest communication platforms in order to reach the intended audience, wherever they are

  • “Easy button” functionality provides quick, clear direction based on event-specific plans

The Initial Situation

The Customer Challenges

Our Solution

At Kent School, a private, college preparatory school in northwestern Connecticut, officials know they are being trusted to provide more than an education. For parents, the safety, comfort, and security of their children is the top priority. It is a responsibility that Kent School dedicates its full attention and resources to fulfilling. Total enrollment for Kent School is 570, of which 520 live on its 1,200 acre campus.

The expansive campus, situated along the historic Appalachian Trail, is one of Kent School’s biggest attractions, but also a challenge when it comes to emergency communication. The school’s administrative and facilities team felt their existing safety and security systems were not as effective in alerting students and staff in a comprehensive way that included all school buildings and grounds.

Kent School officials began researching the latest safety and security technologies, as well as integration partners who could help them tailor a solution specific to their needs.

Desigo MNS leverages the latest communication platforms to ensure emergency notifications reach their intended audience, wherever they are. The system communicates across both networked systems, such as computers and speakers, and personal devices, such as cell phones and laptops. Its ability to provide extensive coverage is an important capability, especially for a campus as large as the school’s.

In the event of an emergency, Desigo MNS provides an easy approach to integrating both Siemens and third-party devices, ensuring students across campus receive the intended message:

• Desktop alerts are sent to all computers linked on the school’s IP network
• Emails are sent to all current faculty, students, and parents
• Text messages are sent to all faculty, students, and parents, as well as a resident state trooper
• Messages are communicated through IP-networked loudspeakers that Siemens installed throughout campus
• Desigo Fire Safety Intelligent Voice Communication fire panels broadcast messages throughout facilities; these advanced technology panels are being installed as part of an ongoing upgrade to Kent School’s fire detection systems

One-touch emergency response

A key feature of Desigo MNS is its “easy button” functionality. School officials can pre-set procedures and messages for different scenarios, such as weather or an intruder on campus. In an emergency, any number of campus officials can engage Desigo MNS for a specific scenario, either from their laptop or mobile device. Desigo MNS also offers real-time update capabilities, in which officials can create and broadcast live emergency messages.

Giving a voice to fire detection

Kent School can broadcast emergency communications through Desigo Fire Safety Intelligent Voice Communication fire panels located throughout many of its facilities. These advanced technology panels are being installed as part of an ongoing upgrade to Kent School’s fire detection systems.

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